The criteria for global search for sustainble schools in Kyrgyz Republic

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Application form

for participation in the project “Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle by Creating a Network of Sustainable Schools in the Kyrgyz Republic” for inclusion in the global network of sustainable One Planet schools

What is the UN Global Search for Sustainable Schools?

The Sustainable Lifestyles and Education (SLE) Program of the UN 10-Year Framework of UN Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns aims to mainstream sustainable lifestyles into formal education; make sustainable lifestyles the guiding principle in every learning environment; and mobilise and empower the youth engender and to promote sustainable lifestyles.

The purpose of the search is to identify schools in 9 countries that demonstrate sustainability in all spheres of the school environment: teaching, learning and management, and will need to demonstrate evidence of this. These examples will be showcased at an international level and lessons learned and guiding principles will be shared more widely.

The search in the Kyrgyz Republic will be conducted by The State Agency Environmental Protection and Forestry the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in close collaboration with the Republican Children's Center for Ecology, Local History and Tourism, an expert working group from the Kyrgyz Academy of Education. Schools wishing to attend will have to apply. As part of the selection process is planned to select from 3 to 5 schools that will represent the most sustainable schools in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Note that schools with a history of participation in environmental projects and activities may be the most suitable candidates to participate in the Global Network of Sustainable Schools One Planet. However, this does not mean that schools without experience in environmental activities will be excluded. One PlanetNevertheless, new interested participants/schools need to show interest in promoting/including/integrating sustainable lifestyles into formal education; to the maximum extent possible to make sustainable lifestyles the guiding principle in every learning environment; and mobilize and empower the youth engender and to promote sustainable lifestyles.

Please take time to fill in this form honestly and provide more information in a minimum of words.

Each of the 3-5 selected schools will receive a grant as equipment and teaching aids for promoting/including/integrating sustainable lifestyles in formal education; as much as possible to make a sustainable lifestyle a guiding principle in the learning environment; and to mobilize and empower young people and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Заявки должны быть присланы 30 ноября 2019 года до 18.00 местного времени. Пожалуйста, отсканируйте вашу заполненную заявку и направьте на почту Please, scan your form and send to  Duishenova Jyldyz (Dzhunushalieva Kaliman), You can fill the form by hand or print in the state and official languages.

Information about winners will be announced and posted on official page in Facebook: "ESD in Kyrgyzstan: The Global search for sustainable schools"..

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